Cultural Acculturation in the Buddhist Community Funeral Process in Sodong Ponorogo

  • Ronaa Nisa'us Sholikhah Universitas Islam Internasional Indonesia
  • Neng Eri Sofiana Pesantren Mahasiswa Al-Mutawakkil Ponorogo


Sodong Hamlet which is located in Sampung District, Ponorogo Regency is one of the multi-religious places in Reyog City. There is a meaning of inclusiveness in the Buddhist community in this village which results in a tolerant attitude that assumes that all religions have a good purpose, as well as in the Muslim community which places good deeds as a spirit to create a harmonious life. The existence of synergies and interactions between Buddhist and Muslim communities is interesting to study. In Sodong Hamlet, there is a Buddhist funeral procession that is bathed and shrouded before being buried like a procession in Islam. Furthermore, this paper will look at the acculturation process for the funeral culture of the Buddhist community in this hamlet, and how it affects their religious life. This research was conducted using a qualitative method, namely field research with a sociological approach to the cultural acculturation theory of JL Gillin & JP Gillin. The data obtained are from observations, interviews, and documentation, and are carried out using descriptive analysis methods. The results of this study found that there was a process of acculturation of Buddhist burial culture in Sodong Hamlet using Javanese traditional traditions and Islam.

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SHOLIKHAH, Ronaa Nisa'us; SOFIANA, Neng Eri. Cultural Acculturation in the Buddhist Community Funeral Process in Sodong Ponorogo. Proceeding: International Conference on Islamic Studies (ICIS) IAIN Ponorogo, [S.l.], p. 248-259, nov. 2022. ISSN 2656-7229. Available at: <>. Date accessed: 04 mar. 2024. doi: