• Nur Ngarifatul Jannah


This study aims to analyze the idiolect of anime characters in One Piece, where some of these characters have different language variations as well as very unique idiolects for each character based on pronunciation, grammar choice, language style, and so on. This research can also be used as a reference for idiolect research. The study is a qualitative descriptive study with data collected through video observations and presented in text form. Furthermore, the data analysis technique used in this study was an observational method, which was later written down and used as evidence as valid data. As a result of the sample data collected, each character of a person, Mink Tribe, or Wano Citizen has distinct characteristics that, when we listen to the character, we can immediately determine who or what part of the citizens or tribe he is from. They have language advantages that others do not necessarily have. That is what distinguishes and distinguishes them. That is what adds to the beauty of diversity. Hopefully, this research will contribute knowledge and serve as a reference in idiolect research, allowing students to better understand what is meant by idiolect.

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JANNAH, Nur Ngarifatul. AN ANALYSIS OF IDIOLECT ANIME'S CHARACTERS IN ONE PIECE. Proceeding of Conference on English Language Teaching, Applied Linguistics, and Literature, [S.l.], v. 1, p. 115-124, dec. 2021. Available at: <>. Date accessed: 13 july 2024.